Fedriz Marini

Born in Italy, 1997

A writer with a Diploma in "Graphic Design", and Self Taught in 3D modeling.

Despite my professional preparation in the field of Graphical Desing,

and Working in a Company as 3D Modeler and Printer, my real passion always has been Story Writing, ever since I've started in middle school with silly Crossovers.

I've started to work on "Stories from the Golden Garden" Series after almost Eight

year of conceptualization and of Failed and incomplete Drafts that dates back during my Highschool years, and I'm working with the artist Digitkame in order to bring this story to life in a way that better suits it.

If you enjoy the series, you can

Enjoy your Stay, Have a nice Day!

- Fedriz Marini

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Discord: Fedriz#3376

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